Is It Safe To Put Your Sensitive Files On Google Drive?

Keeping users safe on the Internet means maintaining their privacy and protecting their data. In the development of each product, you should pay special attention to the protection of user information and strive to achieve full control over the data.

Data Security in Google Drive

If you use Google Drive at your organization or school, any files you receive from outside the team are checked for malware and phishing. For security reasons, access to invalid files is blocked. Similar protection can be applied to files shared by users in your organization or school. The administrator is responsible for this.

Files uploaded to Google Drive are stored in secure data centers:

  • If something happens to your computer, phone, or tablet, you can access your documents from other devices.
  • By default, files are visible only to you. However, you can share them with other users.

Besides, if the draft document was printed as open, and in the process of approval or signing a decision was made to transfer it to the confidential category, then the contractor must submit all copies of the printed draft and a draft to the confidential office. On the back of the last copy of the project, the performer indicates how many copies have been printed and how many sheets are in the draft, certifying this with his signature. In the absence of a draft or individual copies of the draft document, the head of the enterprise appoints a commission to search for them. If they are not found, then a note is made on the back of the last copy of the draft signed by the chairman of the commission.

The Virtual Data Room as the Best Place to Put Your Sensitive Data

The data room systems that meet high standards in the field of technology, organization, and management have great potential to improve the reliability, security, confidentiality, and convenience of identifying individuals in a variety of situations, including those related to financial services, healthcare, e-government services, the global economy of the digital era. Such digital identification systems belong to systems with increased levels of reliability.

The data room for startups includes the technical means of information protection. To adapt to the new environment, the internal audit function needs to rethink its methodology, shifting its focus towards more rapid, continuous, or real-time auditing. Companies need to invest more in training, resources, tools, and standardization. A well-matched talent model enables internal audit to benefit from technology faster.

The virtual data room offers a full line of products – from basic solutions for small and medium-sized companies to advanced versions for large geographically dispersed corporations with a single point of administration. The versatility of this system implies its compatibility with almost all models of printing devices from any manufacturer. Even the simplest network printers, on which it is impossible to install special client software and connect a USB contactless card reader, are not excluded from its architecture.

In addition, it will not be superfluous to have a section describing the main criteria for efficiency in the protection of important information. Protection efficiency indicators are necessary, first of all, for top management. They allow you to objectively assess the organization of security without delving into technical nuances. The person responsible for the organization of security also needs to know the clear criteria for assessing the effectiveness of information security in order to understand how the management will evaluate his work.